Does your heart beat a little bit faster when you see a road-side sign that says “Antiques – This Way”?  Do you look at an old beat-up piece of furniture and see possibilities instead of problems? For people like us it’s all about the thrill of the hunt, the process, learning a new technique or finding great new resource.  I’ve always loved to learn new things.  Long before I quit my corporate job to open Posy, I spent countless hours learning all I could about design, renovating, antiques, furniture, fabric, flowers and everything in between. I have learned from experts, amateurs, internet, and instinct, and am always surprised where I find inspiration. I’ve also always been impatient.  Sometimes it can take hours before I find a good tutorial on what I am looking for.   My wish is to build this blog as a resource for all of you who, like me, love to “Do it yourself”. Here, I will show you how to do it or where to find it!

I am very lucky to surround myself with many talented people: the fabulous ladies who help run my shop, Posy, my vendors who keep bringing me wonderful things to work with and sell, fellow business owners who generously share their ideas and support, and friends, who are always willing to co-pilot on a picking adventure or come with their truck when they get the call “Um…so… I found this thing on Craigslist”.  You will meet many of these special people in the pages of this site, as they share their expertise and knowledge with us all.

I want this blog to be a conversation, not a lecture, and I welcome your comments and feedback. I encourage you to share your ideas with us whenever inspiration strikes.   Join me on my adventures from antique shop to auction, house tour to Homesense, DIY success to “don’t try this at home”, as I continue to learn, doing what I love every day.